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Monday, 19 January 2015

Back at it!

It has been a few years since I last posted a blog.  I used to post as part of my marketing campaign.  Not that I ever said anything in my blogs which wasn't 100% true, but the intent was to market the school.  So, although my blogs were sincere, they weren't honest. 

Many years ago I had a problem to solve.  So I found a solution and, sort of as a happy accident, I found a passion.  Now I have always had passions and I have been lucky enough to indulge several of them at various time during my life.  (To those of you who know me, I am NOT talking about chocolate!  That is not a passion but an obsession.)  To continue, this passion for teaching led to a dream of a private school to help my community.  The pursuit of the dream became all encompassing as my own children spread their wings and no longer needed teaching.  The problem that slowly came about was that the dream and the passion were no longer going in the same direction.  It took me quite awhile to realize this.  I had switched from a passion to teach to a need for the school to grow in order to feel successful.  I was striving for something that I didn't really want.  The journey had gone astray.  I found all my time being taken up with administrating and marketing.  There was no time for teaching.  And I was not happy nor benefiting anyone.  And so I stopped.  Very suddenly.  I abandoned the school.  I stopped going to networking groups.  I closed the website.  I cancelled all the social media.  And I stopped posting any blogs.  I pulled into my little cocoon and reassessed my life.

Slowly I re-emerged with the passion firmly grasped in my hands.  And now I teach.  That is all that I do.  And I am ecstatically happy.  And ready to post another blog.

Maybe I should have titled this blog "Another Life Lesson Learned".  What I have learned is that it is good sometimes, when on our journey, to stop and check to see where we are going and if we still want what awaits us there.   So I am back at blogging - because I love to write and because I still have something to say.  When I look at my tiny class of students I feel that I am helping.  But I know that there is so much more that I can do.  So this blog will be the start of my sharing my own experiences and studies to try and improve education for others.  The public school system in Ontario is not all that it could be.  Maybe I can at least give my informed opinion to anyone who wishes to listen (or read).  So I am back at it!  Stay turned for more.

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